Blame, Claim and Game

Three major points of the Obama campaign strategy: The Blame: Before and since Barack Obama became president he has blamed George Bush for all of America's economic woes; from inheriting an economy on the verge of depression, to the slowest recession recovery in America's history.   The Claim: Since President Obama began his re-election campaign almost two years ago, he has been claiming credit for Bill Clinton's economic successes; from touting how many jobs were created during Clinton's presidency, to the budget surplus he left for Bush to squander. The Game: Since the 9/11 Benghazi terrorist attack that left our Libyan ambassador and three other Americans dead, President Obama has been playing the shell game with the facts regarding the incident; using the White House, the intelligence community and the State Department to keep America guessing where the truth can be found. Will Obama's blame, claim and game campaign strategy prove successful, or has America had enough of...(Read Full Post)