Big Bird: A Metaphor for Obama

There is a suggestive resemblance between the Big Bird character and the President of the past four years. Each seems to follow the same successful formula and also share certain characteristics. They are: ● Congenial, almost too polite (first debate) ● On television every day ● Speak almost exclusively to young people who have been taught to adore them ● Have famous addresses ● They are both rich but still getting money from the government ● They avoid the complicated and stay with basics and generalities ● Both are scripted ● Both maintain an image whose mechanics are controlled by unknown persons ● No one is certain of their background prior to public life  ● People who don't care for Big Bird are immediately branded mean-spirited and anti-      avian ● They are each in a controlled environment ● Obama has an airplane called Big Bird ● Neither knows anything about Fast and Furious or illegal campaign contributions ● Neither...(Read Full Post)