Big Bird: A Metaphor for Obama

There is a suggestive resemblance between the Big Bird character and the President of the past four years. Each seems to follow the same successful formula and also share certain characteristics.

They are:

● Congenial, almost too polite (first debate)

● On television every day

● Speak almost exclusively to young people who have been taught to adore them

● Have famous addresses

● They are both rich but still getting money from the government

● They avoid the complicated and stay with basics and generalities

● Both are scripted

● Both maintain an image whose mechanics are controlled by unknown persons

● No one is certain of their background prior to public life

 ● People who don't care for Big Bird are immediately branded mean-spirited and anti-      avian

● They are each in a controlled environment

● Obama has an airplane called Big Bird

● Neither knows anything about Fast and Furious or illegal campaign contributions

● Neither has released their college records.

● The mainstream media maintains a protective love of both

● We don't know if Big Bird puts the Constitution in the bottom of his cage, but if he did, there would be one more similarity.

Yes, there is much in common and in parallel. There is scripted imagery portrayed to unquestioning young people all sponsored by the Federal government with tremendous economic self-benefit. Keep it simple. Rinse, repeat. Lots of face time and travel.   Similar indeed.