Binders Full of Women?

When Romney said "binders full of women," he was talking about how he planned to improve the jobs of women in Massachusetts under his governance.  In fact, he did improve the status of women in the state.  Democrats make fun of the phrase "binders full of women" because they can't make fun of Romney's accomplishments for women in Massachusetts.  Obama always argues ad hominem.  He doesn't confront the issue of getting women jobs; instead, he critiques Romney for the way Romney phrased something because he can't attack the job that Romney did. Later in Iowa Obama attacked Romney again: "We don't have to collect a bunch of binders to find qualified, talented, driven young women ready to work in these fields right now."  Isn't that ridiculous?  If Obama doesn't have to collect a bunch of binders, why have women been earning less and holding down fewer jobs under his royal arrogance?  Time Obama took his chin down from the clouds and started digging in...(Read Full Post)