Biden's Burden

At a critical time for the Democratic Party as presently constituted, the party sees fit to present a fool, following a venerable tradition: "The Democratic Party can always be relied on to make a damn fool of itself at the critical time." - Sen. Benjamin R. Tillman, Democrat, 1904 That is to say, on the heels of perhaps the worst presidential debate performance in the history of the republic, Joe Biden must ride to the rescue of the floundering campaign of his boss when he takes the stage for the 2012 vice-presidential debate. The litany of Biden's ridiculousness, dishonorable statements and mind-boggling actions during his adult lifetime on the federal dole is well known. He lifted phrases from the speeches of British politician Neil Kinnock. He clumsily attempted to get Thomas Sowell to say Sowell was an anti-black bigot. He assured Clarence Thomas that if the allegations made against Thomas by Anita Hill saw the light of day, he, Biden, would be Thomas's "biggest defender." He...(Read Full Post)