Bibi's Bomb, Another Take

editor's note: this blog wqas written by Bill Schanefelt, not William Sullivan, as accidentally first posted. Our apologies to both gentlemen. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's dramatic show-and-tell at the U. N. certainly caught everyone's attention and was widely seen. However, David Ferguson of Snicker Snack Baby has created a photoshop (Author note: you might have to try more than one browser to view the post)  that has another take on the presentation (inserting the famous cartoon of Islam's-Prophet-as-Bomb where Bibi displays his red line) that has not been widely-seen, and that is a shame, and, perhaps, a cause for concern. Scott Johnson of Powerline seems to have been the first to dare to post it saying: At the risk of courting the condemnation of the Obama administration or a visit from local law enforcement authorities, we bring you reader (this) illuminating photoshop of (the presentation)....Come and get me, copper! Ed Driscoll at Instapundit picked up Scott's...(Read Full Post)