Benghazi and the bureaucrats

It is desperation time for the Obama administration, its attempt to falsely characterize the 9/11 anniversary terror attack in  Benghazi lying in ruins as burned out as the Benghazi consulate.  The late American ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, is a martyr to the Obama administration's fantasyland approach to the "Arab Spring," pretending that it was a positive move toward democracy and Facebook-led modernization. We now know that Stevens and others begged for more security in Libya, but that those requests were denied, apparently because the administration wished to present the image of a democratic Libya moving forward in a positive manner.  Having enthusiastically backed the Arab Spring with force of arms in Libya, it would be highly embarrassing for Obama to admit that he had unleashed an Islamist whirlwind in Libya and Egypt. Rosslyn Smith wrote yesterday before the Issa Committee hearing: My first thought upon hearing that Ambassador Steven's requests for more...(Read Full Post)