'Beautiful'... What, Lena?

Amidst all the fast-edit snideness in Lena Dunham's nauseating 62-second-long extended vulgar double entendre video [link here] -- complete with wry leers and a conspicuously-tattooed, ample right upper arm -- is one quip so perplexing that I am still shaking my head over it after several days, and multiple viewings. Near the beginning of the video, between seconds :05 and :09, she says -- pretending to grope for words, not looking at the camera, with studied perplexity so complete that mock silence overtakes her -- that "it should be with a guy with beautiful...," and then trails off.  While performing this bit of mummery, she holds her splayed, inexpressive, dirty-looking hands in front of her in what I have only ever seen used by men as a universal men's semaphore for conveying bosominess. But what I found just as perplexing was the grammar, whereby what follows "beautiful," must needs be plural.  "Beautiful ... " what, Lena?  "eyes?"  "emotions?" ...(Read Full Post)