Apologizing for America

Much has been written regarding the vice presidential debate, from Joe Biden's clownish antics to misrepresentations of facts and figures. Considerable coverage has been devoted to Martha Raddatz and her obvious bias against Paul Ryan. There was one particular aspect of the debate that most caught my attention, and seemingly (for obvious reasons) caught Paul Ryan off-guard. "Do you think that we should apologize for pissing on Taliban soldiers, and burning Qu'rans?" Apparently, Ms Raddatz equates abusing the corpses of Taliban soldiers and burning Qu'ran's with our Presidents' apologizing for America's military presence around the globe, for our history in dealing with other countries, and for the economic advances that our country has made, presumably on the backs of other nations. Her question was intended to suggest that conservatives don't oppose individual acts unbecoming of our soldiers and our principles. But what Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and conservatives in general have...(Read Full Post)