A Sickly Pale Blue

When maps using red and blue came out a few election cycle back, many Republicans were upset because the color assigned our party was one long associated with Marxism while blue seemed to be closely associated with patriotism -- as in "He's a True Blue American." This week those colors may be taking on a different meaning as several states on the electoral vote maps fade from once bold blue to a shade that brings to mind terms such as hypoxemia or cyanosis -- the lack of vital oxygen in the system.  Today comes the news that Oregon might be the next Obama state to fade to that unhealthy pale shade. In a poll commissioned by The Oregonian of 405 likely voters with a margin of error of 5 percent President Barack Obama holds a relatively narrow lead of six points over Republican challenger Mitt Romney in Oregon, according to a new poll conducted for The Oregonian. Obama's lead is considerably smaller than his margin of victory in Oregon four years ago and is a sign of how tight the...(Read Full Post)