A not very surprising 'October surprise'

You realy have to give credit where credit is due. The New York Times is pushing a story that the Obama administration will hold one on one talks with Iran after the election on their nuclear program. Shocking, eh? Except the White House denies the story. The Iranians deny the story. And even the New York Times questions the veracity of its own article. Why, then, was it published? Some pure speculation follows; the Times needed a framework to discuss foreign policy in advance of the debate on Monday night -- a framework that would make Obama look statesmanlike and Romney look like a war mongering putz. The idea of talks with the Iranians - something that has been discussed for 30 years and has actually been happening in secret for that long - is a perfect illustration of how the Obama campaign and its allies in the media would like to portray the difference in outlook between their candidate and Romney. This is a non-story from the get go. Read carefully and you'll be struck by the...(Read Full Post)