A fork in the road

With less than two weeks left before election day, it is  frighteningly clear that there has never before been a more critical choice between two candidates for president; between what America has been up until 2008 and what it will become if President Obama is reelected.    Now we know that our choice goes beyond big government vs. small government; fiscal irresponsibility vs. fiscal sanity; national security weakness vs. peace through strength; energy shortages and dependence vs. energy independence;  joblessness and dependence vs. jobs and self-reliance; a sinking economy with catastrophic debt vs. a thriving, business-friendly economy.  Now, after Benghazi, we also that know our President is a liar, a man without  a code of honor.  He will do anything, say anything, no matter how unethical or immoral, no matter the lives lost, to save his job.  We know he advocates for the redistribution of wealth from those who work to those who do not...(Read Full Post)