You're a Racist and You Didn't Even Know It

This week the Progressive Leftist media, in an attempt to further distract voters from Obama's economic and jobs record, has continued to add new layers to the Republican=Racist claim. They've now included the words "golf" and "Chicago" to their examples of GOP racism. Michelle Malkin has a great article on NRO - That's Racist: A guide to what's off limits. It's a very inclusive list including the following terms - Angry Chicago Constitution Experienced Food Stamp President Golf Holding Down the Fort Kitchen Cabinet ObamaCare Privileged Professor You People I'd like to add a few more recent ones that she missed (probably in an attempt to keep the report from going on incessantly) - Birther (or Birth Certificate) Voter Fraud/Voter ID Entitlements And a few going back a little ways - Uppity Call a Spade a Spade Big Black Cloud In a pot calling the kettle black moment (dang, now we have to add that to the list), Gingrich called out self-appointed head racism...(Read Full Post)