Where exactly is the common ground between Clinton and Obama?

I give you Bill Clinton, the first black President. He is here to sing the praises of the other first black President, Barack Obama. How ironic. How ridiculous. They are both the first Black President, but that is where the similarity ends. Did Joe Biden, who warned the crowd in Danville, VA that Mitt Romney would "unchain Wall Street" remember the constraints Bill Clinton lifted from Wall Street, thereby setting up the 2008 debacle?. Maybe Joe doesn't know that the guy who actually did unchain Wall Street is right there on stage. For it was Bill Clinton, at the behest of Robert Rubin, who trashed the safeguards of Glass Steagall and allowed the Insurance, Brokerage and Banking industries to recombine. And Joe, over there in the convention hall, the former directors of Fannie and Freddie who drummed down the mortgage requirements.  Joe, did you notice who unchained the Government Sponsored Entities that are Fannie and Freddie and coerced banks to engage in the Community...(Read Full Post)