What's really going on in Cairo and Benghazi attacks?

Why didn't the US Marines use the necessary force to defend the Cairo and Benghazi diplomats? Something smells wrong about these narratives. Even after the Benghazi consulate came under "intense fire,"our Marines should have had the firepower and training to deal with the situation.  Did the Obama State Department reduce the Marine forces to unacceptable levels? Were they ordered to stand down? A more disturbing element that emerged today is the blatant Iranian "false flag" operation that accompanied the embassy violence. Ostensibly all this violence was caused by an obscure film produced in America by an Israeli racist. How artfully convenient. Here is a link to the AP/ New York Times article posted this morning about the film's producer. Read this carefully; it is high-grade Iranian / KGB disinformation and propaganda. How high grade? It was posted in the New York Times perfectly on schedule and perfectly hits every element of a classic anti -Semitic rant. Speaking by phone...(Read Full Post)