The Undocubus rolls into Atlanta, and on to Charlotte

A little more a week ago, a small group of illegal aliens from California calling themselves No Papers, No Fear stopped in Atlanta to protest GA HB87, Georgia's tougher new law on illegal immigration.  The small group protesters were joined by a few radical liberals to rally in front of the Atlanta Detention Center. It was so nice to hear that local Teamsters repaired their bus so the protesters could continue on their way to Charlotte. Local media completely failed to report on the event. So nobody knew about it, which explains the lack of counter-protesters in my "red state." The message from this activist group of illegal aliens was short, but not sweet. They boldly demanded permission to break our immigration laws with impunity. Speakers lamented -- mostly in Spanish, of course, with subtitles translated into English -- the injustice of our justice system, where people who haven't done anything wrong are thrown in jail "simply because they lack permission" to be in...(Read Full Post)