The Undocubus rolls into Atlanta, and on to Charlotte

A little more a week ago, a small group of illegal aliens from California calling themselves No Papers, No Fear stopped in Atlanta to protest GA HB87, Georgia's tougher new law on illegal immigration.  The small group protesters were joined by a few radical liberals to rally in front of the Atlanta Detention Center. It was so nice to hear that local Teamsters repaired their bus so the protesters could continue on their way to Charlotte.

Local media completely failed to report on the event.

So nobody knew about it, which explains the lack of counter-protesters in my "red state."

The message from this activist group of illegal aliens was short, but not sweet. They boldly demanded permission to break our immigration laws with impunity.

Speakers lamented -- mostly in Spanish, of course, with subtitles translated into English -- the injustice of our justice system, where people who haven't done anything wrong are thrown in jail "simply because they lack permission" to be in America.

Really? None of the illegal immigrants locked up in jail are there for a good reason?

Overwhelming evidence exists to the contrary. Mexican drug cartels have been smuggling copious amounts of illegal narcotics across our porous border.

However, those bad actors don't represent the worst part of the problem. Evidence strongly suggests that drug smugglers may be bringing Islamic terrorists across the border with them.

It is an absolute falsehood to pretend that the United States deals more harshly with border enforcement than, say, our neighbor on our southern border. Ask any of the agitators if they would prefer we enforced Mexico's immigration laws instead of our own.

No worries for these malcontents, now on their way to protest the DNC convention in Charlotte. Recently, President Obama relaxed deportation rules, and this is how they express their gratitude -- by protesting his final moment of glory as he receives the Democrat nomination.

POTUS will get what he deserves for pandering to these people-they figuratively spit in his face with ingratitude and demand more. Obviously, these illegal immigrants have learned a tactic or two from our most effective members of the entitlement state.

But the only card the protesters have left to play is the race card-can that effectively be used against President Obama?

The only "right" these people have is to go back home, and get in the back of the line to apply for a legal visa to enter the U.S.

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