The Redistribution States of America?

The very same progressive media that have touted Romney's "gaffes" as fatal to his campaign are studiously ignoring the just-surfaced tape of Obama declaring himself in favor of redistribution. Displaying an adroitness that belies the doomsayers, Romney has now framed the issue clearly: "Frankly we have two different views about America," Romney said. "The president's view is one of a larger government. There is a tape that came out where is the president is saying he likes redistribution. I disagree. I think a society based upon a government centered nation where government plays a larger role and redistributes money, [that's the] wrong course for America." So voters now have a real issue to ponder, instead of the bogus claims that Romney gave cancer to a steelworker's wife years after a Bain Capital unsuccessfully attempted to rescue a failing mill, or that he tortured his beloved family dog. Will America follow the path of Greece? "The president is borrowing trillion dollars more...(Read Full Post)