The Purpose of the Party

What does it mean to be a Republican?  Why does our party exist?  These don't seem like questions that anyone would have to ask, but Republicans throughout the nation and, specifically, in the state of Washington, are asking them.  Whether it's the Republican National Committee engaging in power grabbing tactics at the National Convention, or, here in Washington, the Washington State Republican Party's (WSRP) full support and endorsement of a man who has gone so far to the left that he opposes the potential repeal of any portion of President Obama's Affordable Care Act, Republicans are getting frustrated.  The heart of the party, the grass roots activists, are asking "What is the role of the Republican Party?" I submit to you this thought: The mission of the Republican Party is not simply to win elections for anyone with an "R" after their name, although there are some party leaders who would disagree with that, no doubt.  Rather, the mission of the party...(Read Full Post)