The 'Incomplete' Democratic National Convention

Yesterday a "news" reporter asked Barack Obama to grade himself for "fixing" the "bad situation" he inherited and President Obama gave himself an "incomplete." So here's a list of some things missing from the Democratic National Convention this week that also make it incomplete - see if you can think of any others: 1.       A Debt Clock: $16 trillion as of Tuesday with $5.4 trillion added by the One himself. 2.       The Democratic Donkey: Looks like Dems have decided not to show their asses this week - nothing but O's plastered everywhere in Charlotte. (Not to worry, Biden's on his way) 3.       Attendees: Still trying to get enough bodies to fill Bank of America Stadium for the One's big speech. Spielberg said he needs at least a 2 hour delay to computer-generate that many people in an outdoor stadium. (The networks are still considering it) 4.       Minority Women...(Read Full Post)