The GOP's Independent Voter Fixation

Among establishment Republicans there are two modes of thinking about campaigns: attack or don't attack.  The gospel among GOP insiders these days is that no way, no how, Mitt Romney should attack Barack Obama.  Doing so, a sliver of independent voters might get huffy and throw the election to the president. Former Bush flak and Fox News regular Dana Perino faithfully regurgitated the establishment line on Fox & Friends on Monday morning.    Never mind there's a lot of territory between outright attacks on Mr. Obama and taking a hands-off approach, which, thus far, as been the modus operandi of the post-GOP convention Romney campaign.  Romney and Ryan haven't exactly come out swinging.  In the week or so since the Republican shindig, Romney and Ryan have gone out on the campaign trail as if tiptoeing on egg shells. Let's hope that Romney and Ryan just haven't hit their strides yet.  The task of defeating Mr. Obama involves defining him and...(Read Full Post)