The First time Chicago Teachers Pushed My Button

The Chicago teachers strike is over and  Chicago schools are back in session.  The teachers are back to teaching the proverbial  "3 Rs" and the students are back trying to learn them.  But is the teaching of the traditional 3 Rs the only thing going on at CPS (Chicago Public Schools)? For more than 30 years, I was an educational sales representative selling textbooks and workbooks to CPS. My educational sales experiences included me working with teachers and school administrators, people who, for the most part, were, and are, overwhelmingly liberal in their thinking. Unlike most of my customers, I, on the other hand, am a conservative. My employer, a family owned schoolbooks publisher in business since the 1930's, is closing its doors and I, like so many other Americans living in Obama's economy, have joined the ranks of the unemployed. Perhaps a silver lining to my unemployed status is that I can now feel free to pen some of my "personally educating moments"...(Read Full Post)