The Early Voting Travesty

Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller outlines the reasons why early voting is bad for America: It doesn't work. Voters are casting ballots before they have all the information. The cost-both to taxpayers and campaigns. Ballot integrity. Community. The series of debates between the candidates have not even happened yet. An important jobs number is due out the first week of October that would make it clearer that Obama's economic agenda has been a failure-and since he had made it clear he intends to double down on his agenda-its release would have probably have a negative impact on his campaign. The late date of the Republican National Convention has prevented Mitt Romney from spending a fair-sized chunk of the money he has been raising for the past year to publicize his policies (since we know the mainstream media only covers his gaffes and downplays his prospects). And, to reemphasize, there are problems with absentee voting in particular involving fraud. Critics decry the impact of...(Read Full Post)