The Cipher At the Center

A week ago, in the aftermath of the sickening murders of Christopher Stevens and three others in Libya, Barack Obama came off in bolder relief than ever as the lightweight, America-stomping sourpuss that he really is.  Obama couldn't be bothered finding some grownups to hunker down with and deal with a crisis he helped make.  Instead, he ran away to Vegas, and his umpteenth fundraiser.  Mitt Romney showed him up, when he stepped up to the mics to fill the yawning vacuum -- of adulthood, morals, sobriety, and wisdom -- which any American but the most pie-faced Obamadroid knows festers inside this soulless political golem. Romney rose to the occasion after sadistic killings by America's Islamojihadist enemies.  This, mind you, of an ambassador, a president's personal envoy.  Those atrocities would have been a sure casus belli to any leader not named Obama.  Romney acquitted himself well by trying the mantle of the presidency on for size, in full public...(Read Full Post)