The case for Obama's re-election

We at Ladies and Gentlemen Bums and Tramps (LGBT) believe our nation is at an important crossroads.  It is imperative that we all get behind Barack Obama, and actively work for his Re-Election in 2012.  The forces of Reason and Intelligence are hard at work, logically attempting to destroy our leader's presidency.  Don't let this happen!  Get emotionally and irrationally involved today, for as we all feel: We must provide choice for our women, for it is far worse to punish the living, than the unborn. We must continue to relish and embrace the historical contributions of Islam, while refocusing 9/11 and reinterpreting terrorist like events. We must foster Free Enterprise, with increased governmental regulations. We must protect 1st Amendment rights of freedom of religion, by enforcing governmental policies contrary to issues of faith. We must address our national debt, by borrowing more money from foreign countries, and encourage the devaluation of our currency. We...(Read Full Post)