That Unalienable Right to Your Neighbors' Labor

I laughed out loud when Mr. Obama's apologists (The Gray Lady) accused the Romney campaign of "last century" thinking.  For it is 19th century thinking -- pre-Civil War thinking, yes even Dred Scott thinking -- to legislate rights that entitle someone to the labor of another without paying for them. For example, it is slave plantation owner thinking to compel a hospital emergency room to provide skilled medical care, technology, and supplies (private property!) to anyone who presents themselves regardless of an ability to pay.  Now if the hospital's owners wish to provide such care out of compassion (as most do) and resolve the cash flow shortages by finding subsidies or write-offs, that is their business. But to suggest every citizen is entitled to, or has a right to such labor and technology is to turn ancient basic morality on her ear and pretend stealing is a public virtue. Similar to the Christian admonition to "turn the other cheek" - that's fine and good, if it your...(Read Full Post)