Targeting regretful 2008 Obama voters

It has become clear that many people who voted for Obama in 2008, buying into the diaphanous hope and change promise, are disappointed in his performance.  Yet many of these good hearted people still are reluctant to abandon the First Black President, out of a sense that such an historic event is not lightly jettisoned. Giving permission to such voters to choose an alternative is one of the key psychological battles ahead. Clint Eastwood's historic address to the Tampa RNC is best understood as part of this effort. His aside that you have to let someone go when he doesn't produce was the key point of the entire exercise, coming from a man who is a renowned director, as well as an actor.   Another extremely effective method of offering psychological permission has been superPAC ads featuring former Obama voters expressing their disappointment. Perhaps the ultimate such approach is the movie The Hope and the Change, produced by luminaries David Bossie, Stephen K Bannon, and...(Read Full Post)