Tapping the Democrat Tuning Fork

Tapping the musical device against a hard object yields a perfect audible note. But only one. It fades out.  Tap. There it is again,  ah, the same note, with repetitive reliability, never to be altered.  Like a one note samba, the Democrats really have only one note for their constituents. Victimhood steeped in racism. The tuning fork rings out... You have been harmed by the unfairness of it all.  Never mind that nearly 47% of the eligible taxpayers pay no federal income tax.  Those that do pay aren't paying enough. We will assuage your condition.  Money will flow to your mailbox. Or, even better, direct deposited into one of those nasty banks.  Qualifying conditions for welfare and mortgages will be eased.  Unfair mortgages that someone made you sign will be recalculated so as to ease your burden.  Healthcare, or rather Health Insurance, will be provided. ( Healthcare is a different issue.)  Illegal immigration status will be wiped...(Read Full Post)