Split in Democrat Ranks Over Education?

The screening of the education movement's parent-trigger film Won't Back Down at the Democratic National Convention this week is causing turmoil among Democrats. The movie, much like the documentary Waiting for Superman, has prompted strong reactions from union leaders, activists and teachers.  Most Democrats view the public education system as the country's great equalizer and see movies like Won't Back Down as anti-teacher, anti-union and as a slick way to win people over to the side of those who want to privatize education. Therefore, it came as no surprise to rank and file Democrats the movie received a warm welcome when viewed and discussed at the Republican National Convention last week. Republicans like Jeb Bush, Governor Rick Scott, Condoleezza Rice and a host of others across the country are on board with reforms like charter schools and vouchers. But unlike Tampa, the decision to show the movie in Charlotte was so controversial it went all the way to the...(Read Full Post)