Romney's 'gaffe' a plus for him

Russian warships and Turkish jets appeared at a godless, we-all-belong-to-government DNC with abolitionist dreams of annihilating Israel, and soon thereafter a tape slips out  (reportedly courtesy of Jimmy Carter's grandson James Earl Carter IV)) of a respectable private fundraiser featuring Romney on the rhetorical equivalent of spring break. What "accidents" and "surprises", and it's only September! Truth is to the MSM as sunlight is to vampires.  Put that together with the MSM's criminal corruption and obsessive compulsive, denial-fueled stupidity and you have a certifiable winner for Romney. Romney's talking about [gasp] the dependency of the 47%, and has the temerity to conjecture that he's unlikely to receive their vote to boot! That's not how you win an election!  Why, that rock-ribbed paid-to-act-like he's a Republican David Brooks says so, and didn't he write an extraordinary philosophical treatise on the political animal?  Brooks, with characteristic...(Read Full Post)