Romney's 'gaffe' a plus for him

Russian warships and Turkish jets appeared at a godless, we-all-belong-to-government DNC with abolitionist dreams of annihilating Israel, and soon thereafter a tape slips out  (reportedly courtesy of Jimmy Carter's grandson James Earl Carter IV)) of a respectable private fundraiser featuring Romney on the rhetorical equivalent of spring break.

What "accidents" and "surprises", and it's only September!

Truth is to the MSM as sunlight is to vampires.  Put that together with the MSM's criminal corruption and obsessive compulsive, denial-fueled stupidity and you have a certifiable winner for Romney.

Romney's talking about [gasp] the dependency of the 47%, and has the temerity to conjecture that he's unlikely to receive their vote to boot!

That's not how you win an election!  Why, that rock-ribbed paid-to-act-like he's a Republican David Brooks says so, and didn't he write an extraordinary philosophical treatise on the political animal?  Brooks, with characteristic cutting-edge wit, even brands Mitt  "Thurston Howell Romney."

Oops--there goes the Gilligan's Island vote (especially the women, except for the Mrs.)! 

But guess what, Mr. Brooks & company: in this presidential election "47" is a losing number. 

That might bear repeating: "47" is a losing number. 

The more often the president is associated with "47" the better, and we're guaranteed to hear an incessant torrent of Obama 47s (if they're not for Romney, those must be the man known as Obama's people!) from the plagiarists and assorted miscreants in the presstitute corps.

Plus, Romney unchained is red meat to, shall we say, remaining lackadaisical conservatives (many of whom are libertarians), and with Gary Johnson waiting in the wings, that's all sunshine.

"Oh, but what about those independents, the 5-6% figure we keep hearing about?"

What about them?

Those whose delicate, chauvinist ears think the political truth is too callous to speak, and/or who think compassion has more to do with government than it does jobs were going to vote for the mush lord Communist and his slum lord # 2 (Jarrett, not the Dummy) anyway.  Either that, or they were planning on staying home and likely still are. 

Remaining independents are now far more motivated to vote for Romney than they were yesterday.

One final thing: the "mistakenly" released "Romney unchained" video may well also function as a response to the "mistaken" Russian warships and Turkish jets.

If so, there is reason to believe that Romney has communicated a well-grounded belief that the Communist is cooked in the Middle East. 

Dr. Jason Kissner is associate professor of criminology at California State University, Fresno. You can reach him at