Romney was right. So?

On playgrounds, as in life, there are groups of self-made winners and groups of self-made losers.  When picked upon by the winners, the losers, often at a loss as to know how to defend their indefensible choices simply answer, "so?" "Whatever" and "meh" are variations on this old escape theme. Which brings us to the question: How do you explain that about half the country says they are prepared to settle for re-electing a proven loser? Part of the answer lies indeed with Romney's 47%.  (Romney, I believe, wasn't writing them off as people, but as campaign efforts-a realistic and honest assessment on his part.) Nevertheless, I would argue that the 47% supporting Obama aren't doing so because they are dependent or feel as though they are victims. They support him because if a winner were to win the White House, say the next Teddy Roosevelt, it would surely upset the status quo-including removing fatalism as a defense for not trying. It would mean change-real ...(Read Full Post)