President Obama's Tin Ear

President Obama went to Ft. Bliss, TX to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the end of U.S. combat operations in Iraq.  He expected the soldiers to cheer him for bringing them home.  But he received a poor, awkward and almost silent hearing from the troops. CNN and MSNBC cut away from the speech mid-way, and much of the video has disappeared. But credible reports tell of soldiers giving their Commander in Chief as little applause as they could respectfully give. And no wonder - the President has yet again shown a tin ear for the concerns of our military.  The end of combat operations is a meaningless anniversary. Soldiers want to know: did we win, lose or draw? Did we accomplish the mission?  Was the sacrifice worthwhile, or was it in vain? Is the world a safer/better place because of what we did? There. In Iraq. Where more than 4,000 of our comrades died and others came home less than whole. The President couldn't go there. To praise the mission would be to...(Read Full Post)