Poly Sci--Fi

Robert's Rules for Radicals was on display at the Improv stage, formerly known as the Democratic National Convention.  When party leaders came to realize that the American people actually read and want to know what the Democratic platform does, and does not stand for, it was discovered that God and Jerusalem, among other things, had been "mysteriously" removed. Under the divine leadership of Barack Obama, his acolyte Ted Strickland put on sack cloth and ashes and offered incense to amend for the "oversight." What happened next resembled an existentialist play with playschool theatre actors. The delegate commander called for vote after vote for two thirds support of the measure.  Each additional call made it perfectly clear that the amendment wasn't welcome or two thirds supported.  And then it passed anyway!  It looked just like the passage of Obamacare.  Democracy in action, Democratic party style. Leave it to the Democrats to have a party, and not invite...(Read Full Post)