Are Feature Length, Honest Muhammad Movies in the Offing?

The LA Times reported (Tuesday, 9/25/12) that two remarkably courageous Muslim "apostates"-the Palestinian Muslim convert to Christianity Mosab Hassan Yousef, and the Iranian Muslim freethinker Ali Sina-have unbowdlerized, narrative films on the life Islam's prophet Muhammad in production, or pre- production. Yousef, now an LA resident, maintains that he ...has already cast a "prominent Hollywood actor" in the title role of his film "Muhammad," which has a proposed budget of $30 million. The film will tell the story of the prophet from age 12 to his death, and will have the look and feel of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ," ... "My goal is to create this big mirror to show the Muslim world the true image of its leader." Ali Sina, whose film is in preproduction claims that .. he has raised $2 million from Southern California investors for the film, which does not yet have a title but will portray the prophet as a cult leader in the vein of David Koresh or Jim Jones. He...(Read Full Post)