Obama's plea for a second chance (Updated)

I know they are just words and there were some huge flaws in the speech but Obama --for all of his negatives and boy, he has them--can write and deliver a great address when he wants to. He revved up his base and probably reassured a good number of Indies. Watching the speech reminds me what we are up against and it is formidable. Polls might be close, money might not be coming in as much as the O campaign would like, but the base is fired up, they are highly organized and will mobilize to GOTV. For all of its good points, there was the unmistakeable stench of Success Envy and class warfare that permeated the speech. It was vintage Liberal Speak steeped in Occupy Theology. Rich pitted against the poor and middle class. Success pummeled every few paragraphs. Although his speech contained classic Democratic talking points, Obama had the audacity to unabashedly pilfer traditional Republican principles and appropriated them as if he believed in them, embraced them and was guided by...(Read Full Post)