Obama's failure of leadership

On Saturday, President Obama was in Urbandale, Iowa doing what he does best: talk.  I didn't hear him personally, but I could imagine his cadence.  Like a folksy preacher who has devoted his life to moving his congregates, Obama warned his audience that GOP ideas are "better suited for the last century."  As usual, the president was very general, so general in fact that he could deny meaning anything in particular.  But this is an election year, and the United States is in trouble on multiple fronts, so specifics matter.  What could the president have meant by that remark?  I'll suggest a few possibilities and let readers fill in the rest because I'm certain that I am not aware of all of them: 1. In the last century, living within your means was considered to be the right thing to do, the moral thing to do. We are still suffering through the after effects of the wildest spending spree that this nation has ever seen. It's called the housing debacle, and...(Read Full Post)