Obama's Divisiveness Knocks Me out at Gleason's Gym

More often than not it's the girls who frustrate you the most -- in politics and in the ring. Hard Knocks comes into my office at Gleason's Gym for her boxing lesson.  She's a fiftyish gal -- pretty, but she's had some wear and tear.  She looks kind of beat up by life.  But she still has freshness beneath her fatigue.  She seems kind of sad/happy. She told me that when she was young she did a few too many drugs.  She was married once and then lived with a younger boyfriend for years.  She has two children and is bringing them up as a single mother.  She has a demanding job as a physical therapist.  I don't know where she gets the energy to box.  She has a kind of desperate optimism. She is Jewish, educated, and friendly, but she's been knocked around by her formerly youthful and arrogant identification with the simplemindedness of women's lib.  She shouted with Gloria Steinem instead of shouting her down. She held hands with Betty...(Read Full Post)