Obama to invest in ads for Wisconsin

You don't have to be able to read tea leaves to figure out that the Obama campaign is worried about Wisconsin -- a state the president won by 14 points. The campaign is set to buy air time in the Badger state to counter a blitz by the Romney campaign and tightening polls. New York Times: That is the title of the Badgers fight song at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as one of the official state songs. It also underscores a new dynamic in the presidential race. President Obama's re-election campaign on Tuesday added Wisconsin to its list of targeted states. The campaign's first television advertisements there are set to begin on Thursday, a sign that the state is more competitive than the Obama campaign had once expected. Mitt Romney's campaign started its advertisements in Wisconsin earlier this week. Outside groups on both sides have also been advertising in the state. All of those movements, aides said, led Mr. Obama to start his advertising in a state he won...(Read Full Post)