Obama scapegoats his kids

Barack Obama's habit of blaming others for the failures of his presidency has reached a new low.  In an interview with Jessica Yellin for CNN's "State of the Union" show, Barack Obama was asked why he did not do more outreach to Republicans during the past four years. One of the reasons, he answered, was "because he wanted to spend more time at home with his kids and family"(hat tip: Breitbart News). So now it is his wife and daughters who get the scapegoating treatment. They will join the club; ATMs, Republicans, George Bush, the tsunami, the EU financial troubles, The Arab Spring, "lazy" and "soft" Americans, and so on and so on. No one begrudges a President (or anyone) who wants to spend time with their wife and children. Barack Obama's own upbringing has probably left with an indelible and admirable feeling regarding the importance to children of having a father at home. Indeed, he has publicly addressed the importance of having such a family structure for inner-city...(Read Full Post)