Now Who's Interfering in Another Country's 'Internal Affairs?'

Now that President Morsi has made his first speech at the United Nations General Assembly, and has called for the United States to revise its adherence to the First Amendment, I find it particularly interesting how that call complements other statements Mr. Morsi made in the very same speech. He called for ending non-Arab interference in Arab affairs when he said (emphasis mine): The vision of the new Egypt that we strive to realize for our nation also constitutes the frame of action we present to the world, and which should guide our cooperation with the international community, in a spirit of equality and mutual respect, entailing non-intervention in the affairs of other states as well as the implementation of the international principles, agreements and conventions. Today we reiterate our commitment to them, particularly the United Nations Charter, which Egypt took part in drafting. In essence, Mr. Morsi is telling the world, particularly the non-Islamic world, to butt out of...(Read Full Post)