No Apologies

Islamic fanatics are furious because someone made an anti-Islamic video and posted it on Youtube.  These same fanatics now storm our embassies, burn the American flag and chant their ever familiar anthem of "death to America." And what does our President do? Does he stand up to these savages? Does he stand up for our values? No. He apologizes.  He and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, go out of their way to say how sorry they are for this video. They go on and on about how disgusting and reprehensible it is and how the American government had nothing to do with it. They even ask YouTube to consider whether or not it can be taken down for violating their terms of service.   Mr. President, it's time to stop apologizing. "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam" does not cut it.  It is time to stand up for our American values-in this case freedom of speech. Whether this video is insensitive and bigoted is not the issue here. The...(Read Full Post)