New York Times drifting into self-parody territory

Those photo editors at the New York Times think they are really clever, diminishing GOP enemies by cropping photos so that the target appears as a small object at the bottom of a picture. They used this device with Paul Ryan to great effect, and now are back in the game with John Boehner, post convention. Speaking of stupid New York Times propaganda, the desperation is showing through in this op-ed by Marie Myung-Ok Lee taking offense at Mitt Romney's preference for muffin tops.  Ms. Lee, who teaches writing at Columbia University dons the cloak of her parents' victimhood in order to see the heinous nature of Mitt Romney. My father's story, like many immigrants', is one of hardship. He survived famine conditions during the Korean War and never let that experience stray too far from his consciousness. Our cabinets were comically, cornucopically stuffed: every bag of free peanuts from the airlines, the logos changing with the mergers (Northwest Orient, Republic Airlines, Northwest...(Read Full Post)