Narrow win for Obama in August fundraising

The difference is only three million, so its not like Obama ran away and hid as far as raising money in August is concerned. But after three months of Romney waxing the president's tail, outraising him by $30 million a month or more, it gives a shot in the arm to the Obama camp: Mitt Romney's presidential campaign announced early Monday that it raised $111.6 million during the month of August, its single best month of the campaign and the third straight month it has raked in more than $100 million. The total combines fundraising for the Romney campaign committee, the Republican National Committee and a joint fundraising committee between the two, and it tops the $105.9 million raised by those entities in June and the $101.3 million raised in July. Almost immediately after the Romney camp made their announcement, the Obama campaign made their release: President Barack Obama and Democrats raised more than $114 million for his campaign in August, a campaign official says. The...(Read Full Post)