Nanny-State Ignites Taco War

I've been highly critical of the ever expanding nanny-state that erodes our freedoms, whether in the form of soda bans, light bulb bans, plastic bag bans or even the new school lunch regulations, signed by President Obama.  It's this latter policy that is to blame for my eight-year-old son coming home from school hungry a few weeks back. My son is a little picky when it comes to certain foods.  He'll devour steak, seafood and many fruits and vegetables but if you ask him to take a sip of milk or eat something with cheese on it -- forget it.  He claims that dairy bothers his stomach, but will then go and eat ice cream or a slice of cheese pizza and claim that "that's different."  The point is, he's eight, has some quirky eating habits and it's the job of my wife and I to understand his habits and to make sure he gets the nutrition he needs within the parameters that work for him. One morning during the first week back at school we looked at the new lunch menu and...(Read Full Post)