MSNBC Redefines American History in the Context of Obama

Ed Schultz along with his cast of liberal progressive historians collectively and affectionately known as MSNBC the most leftist talking heads of the MSM suffers from progressive socialist democrat revisionist history syndrome.  All they can see is that our entire American experience is the sum total of when Obama took office and that every comment made by anyone, much less Mitt Romney must be filtered through this paradigm. Mitt Romney during his acceptance speech at the RNC Convention dared to make a statement about the American experience which was interpreted to mean from a post Obama liberal progressive viewpoint; as throwing a bone to the "birther" movement.  Which in and of itself is an abhorrent pejorative meant to discredit anyone that may have a legitimate question about our president and stifle any debate on this important issue from these so-called leftist journalists. Mitt, God love him; made an innocuous remark that any ordinary American would interpret...(Read Full Post)