MSM Bypass

See also Frank Marshall Davis, JR.? American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well and being used to help bring a spotlight on Obama and his hidden past. Filmmaker Robert Gilbert who has written and produced 'Dream from My Real Father' has been busy circumventing the MSM and their virtual blackout of his movie about Obama and his connection to Frank Marshall Davis a known Communist as his real Father. In true American can-do spirit he is sending 1.1 million free copies of his movie to voters in swing states to get the word out to a captured nation.  Gilbert has been doing the job of a media that has refused to vet Obama in 2008 and again in 2012; in his own words: "I have been to Hawaii twice researching Obama's inspiring family story of a Kenyan goat herder father," he said. "That is twice as many times as all of the mainstream media combined. "Who could have imagined that news organizations with hundreds of reporters and multimillion-dollar budgets wouldn't investigate a...(Read Full Post)