Mr. Romney, Time to Show us The Money

Mr. Romney, the time for bold truth is now. Americans are adults and we crave truth.  Voters deserve your respect and our current dire conditions demand your candor.  Without use of vile invectives, hateful tones or childish insults, you must take the gloves off and speak truth to grossly corrupted power. Our Constitution is being trashed, disrespected and ignored. Congress, both the House and Senate, have been utterly neutered and circumvented by Presidential executive appointment of more than fifty unelected Czars vested with extraordinary powers. No longer are federal budgets required, new legislation needed from our elected representatives or the voices of the citizen being heeded.  Today, three individuals, President Obama, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner have thuggishly acquired absolute, iron fisted control over the healthcare decisions impacting 310 million American citizens, the business model of every...(Read Full Post)