Money In Politics

For those of you worried about money in politics, I provide the latest facts from Open Secrets regarding the 2012 presidential race (as of 9/2/12). Obama Romney Small individual contributions $137,921,783 $37,310,424 Large individual contributions $213,696,880 $156,626,329 PAC contributions 0 $838,481 Candidate self-financing $5,000 $52,500 Other $495,859 $127,544 Total* $348,413,128 $193,373,762 *Total is taken directly from Open Secrets' total. It is not clear why the subtotals add up to more than the total. A few observations. First, Obama has raised 80% more than Romney. In fact, Obama has already spent 36% more than Romney has raised in total. Not to mention, Romney had to spend his money on winning the primary. Obama had no serious primary opponent. If money in politics is your worry, you should be more worried about Obama than Romney. While Obama gets a bigger percentage of his war chest from small donations, he still...(Read Full Post)