Michelle Obama's Share-the-Starvation School Lunch Program

School menu monitor Michelle Obama has always put the welfare of America's school children first. Right?  Now, the first lady, in conjunction with the USDA and the 2010 "Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act," is on a one-woman mission to eradicate what she believes to be the greatest "threat to national security" -- childhood obesity.  Michelle Obama's vision to promote healthier BMIs includes force-feeding federally-funded food to kids in school cafeterias and mandating that school-aged slackers "Let's Move!" their rotund selves around the perimeter of the schoolyard during recess. U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack vouched for the new law, saying the goal is to improve "nutritional standards for all foods regularly sold in schools" by providing the USDA with the authority to establish requirements for foods available "during the school day, including vending machines, the 'a la carte' lunch lines, and school stores. " According to Suzanne Perez Tobias of the...(Read Full Post)